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Lions Medical Research will benefit from the online 100 day art auction


Lions supporting medical research

We sometimes find that we have more spare time than usual and during the various restrictions due to covid19 this happened more often than usual.  Many of us had good intentions of using this ‘free’ time to do something different, whether that be to learn a new language or musical instrument, or to become more creative.  Di Briscoe, a member of Ashgrove/The Gap Lions, decided she would like to ‘have a go’ at watercolour painting, spurred on by the 100 Day Project.  Although Di has always been active in the world of creativity, painting was a new venture.


The idea of the 100 Day Project is to create something once a day for a hundred days as a way                    to ‘awaken and sustain your creative spirit’.  Di did this, with amazing results; but then had the dilemma of what to do with 100 small, but delightful artworks?  Being a Lions member, she was aware of the Lions Medical Research Foundation (LMRF) that sponsors our local medical researchers in the initial stages of new research projects.  We are all aware of the importance of research.  As they quote on the LMRF website, ‘Today’s research is tomorrow’s cure”, which helps not only those in our local area but worldwide. Currently there are two researchers receiving support from the LMRF one is Dr Olivia Holland, who works out of both QUT and Griffith University and the other is Dr Carlos Salomon based at the University of Qld.  The former is looking into the impact of diabetes on pregnancy and the latter is endeavouring to find a better way of diagnosing ovarian cancer.  


Sadly due again to the restrictions that were recently in place  to control the spread of covid19 it has been hard for all Lions clubs to raise the money needed to support these and other potential researchers.  Thus Di decided to donate her artworks to the Ashgrove/The Gap Lions club to auction on-line with all proceeds going to the LMRF.  The auction commenced on June 1st and will close on June 14th. If you would like to donate to such a worthy cause and at the same time own one (or more) of Di Briscoe’s amazing original paintings go to Facebook/100 day project – Fundraiser and place your bid. Please help us to support our medical researchers.



Lion Diana Briscoe will be having a onlilne auction of her works from June 1 - 14.  The money raised will support the Lions Medcial Research Foundation.

  Jump onto Ashgrove The Gap Facebook page, or LMRF website, twitter to place your bids for this worth cause.